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Dragonscale Egg

Dragonscale Egg

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Sporting its very own set of dragon scales, the Dragonscale Egg stands about 11cm tall and can be twisted to open up or close - it makes a wonderful giftbox in its own right.

But what's a dragon egg without a baby dragon?! Every Dragonscale Egg comes with a mystery baby dragon inside, ready to hatch and meet you! These tiny dragons are brilliant for fidgeting, and the dragon inside is a surprise - a Dragonscale Egg can contain any type of baby dragon, so what type of dragon will you get, and what colour? There's only one way to find out!


* Each egg comes with a surprise baby dragon inside - the colour of the baby dragon is not determined by the colour of the egg.

* Please note that every print is unique - due to the filament manufacturing and the 3D printing process, the colours may vary. In particular for rainbow/multi-coloured prints - the colours may be in different places or in different orders, depending on the specific reel of filament. Smaller prints may not feature every colour - larger prints (such as large dragons or Big Beasts) will generally include more colours when selecting rainbow options.

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