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Flexi Brachiosaurus

Flexi Brachiosaurus

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Here's a dinosaur that can really stick its neck out! Coming from the late Jurassic period, the Flexi Brachiosaurus really showcases its most famous feature.

Lying down and fully stretched out, this dinosaur is just over 20cm long - and standing up it's still about 13cm tall - this dinosaur makes a brilliant fidget toy or an equally awesome desk buddy.


* Please note that every print is unique - due to the filament manufacturing and the 3D printing process, the colours may vary. In particular for rainbow/multi-coloured prints - the colours may be in different places or in different orders, depending on the specific reel of filament. Smaller prints may not feature every colour - larger prints (such as large dragons or Big Beasts) will generally include more colours when selecting rainbow options.

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