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Flexi Tortoise

Flexi Tortoise

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Check out the Flexi Tortoise – the embodiment of resilience and adaptability in a petite package. At approximately 11cm in length, this charming creature proves that slow and steady can also be remarkably flexible.

With its detachable shell design, the Flexi Tortoise offers more than meets the eye. Remove the shell to reveal a hidden storage compartment, perfect for storing small treasures - it's a delightful blend of practicality and fun, making it perfect for fidgeting and for displaying on desks and shelves. You can even choose the colour of the shell alongside the colour of the body, to create your perfect shelled companion!


* Please note that every print is unique - due to the filament manufacturing and the 3D printing process, the colours may vary. In particular for rainbow/multi-coloured prints - the colours may be in different places or in different orders, depending on the specific reel of filament. Smaller prints may not feature every colour - larger prints (such as large dragons or Big Beasts) will generally include more colours when selecting rainbow options.

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